MANON - ABT@Metroporitan Opera House

Tonight I went to see "MANON" of ABT!

Then, what is the meaning of this kind of picture???

My darling (his nickname is George!), who was
supposed to go there with me is on a business
trip in Japan. By the way, when he calls me,
George appears on my cell-phone. →

Actually, my sweet and admirable girlfriend,
R-ko, accepted pleasantly my unexpected
invitation to the ballet, and we ladies had a
lot of fun seeing it........
After first intermission the two seats next to mine
on the left became vacant because two women had
moved to vacant seats in the front-row.

And then something unexpected happened during
second intermission!
A man next to the two empty seats in my row
suddenly made the stuffed George sit next to me!!

I wondered, were his grandchildren in some rear seats
and he wanted to keep the nearby seats for them.
But he caame back just before end of the intermission,
made George sit on his lap (my description is exact),
and saw the ballet happily.
"I'm curious! Curious about that!!!"

Finally he left the theater with only George's
face peeping out of his backpack.
That means.....he made George see the ballet.
That George looks too old to be a souvenir....

To take up the main subject a little:
I have been a great fan of Ferri since "Romeo &
Juliet" last year. I've never seen "Manon" before.
I could see her expressive face from my seat in the
second row and I was touched by this performance.
That's just what Ferri would expect of a character
prima ballerina. I was enchanted.

ABT announced her retirement at the next
performance of "Romeo & Juliet".
I wanted to go back-stage to ask for her autograph,
but where was the back-stage??

I couldn't get her autograph.
But I could get a picture with George!
(After all, this story goes back to George!)
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